Call Johann 07971 682580 or Mail [email protected] I am a Reiki Healer, Medium, Holistic & Beauty Therapistt, I treat from my own room in my home, 46 Gloucester BS7 0SJ. More private and all about you!

Treatments & Therpies with Johann

Reiki Therapy - its all about you! Reiki is a hands off healing, you remain fully clothed.

Rei - means 'Universal

Ki - means 'Energy'

Everyone's experience is different, but you will find peace, relaxation and what you see, feel and hear is unique.  No ones reiki session is ever the same, it's an ancient Japanese therapy: i facilitate the energy flow, and you release anything you no longer need, let go and brings you into the now!  I am a medium and if you wish, I work with you're angel and communicate with spirit providing evidence you're loved ones are always near. 

Reiki Training  - its all about self healing 'hands on' first, 6-9 months and then you're invited to embark on the second part of you're journey.  Healing others, distance healing, the possibilities are endless with the Universal Healing. 

Holistic Therapies -  Mind - Body - Spirit... Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage 'wow' 6 times more effective than any therapist! Sports Massage, it only takes a couple to clear years of tension and to heal accute or chronic injuries with my healing hands
Reflexology - A whole body massage, via you're feet, healing combined with the reiki energy clearing!  The benefits left for weeks, physically detoxing youre whole body inside out!
Hands & Feet - Deluxe Manicure, hydrating and norishing.  Deluxe Pedicure, soaking, removing all dead skin clinically - OPI.  UV Gel or polish you choose
Eyes -  HD Brows '£10!' - Silk mink individual lashse -  Tint Lashes - wax - pluck you decide
Waxing - Buy 2 get 1 free - Facial to toes and all inbetween

Testimonals  - Experiences of my clients  

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