Call Johann 07971 682580 or Mail [email protected] I am a Reiki Healer, Medium, Holistic & Beauty Therapistt, I treat from my own room in my home, 46 Gloucester BS7 0SJ. More private and all about you!


... loved it, really felt good after thank you Johann.

... I had a fabulous experience and my massage therapist was great, the massage was very theraputic and all my aches and pains were eased afterwards.  The space was very relaxing and the products smelled and fet great.  I will definately be going back to this salon for more treatments.

... Best massage I have ever had.

... Really enjoyed the massage, as i was going out for my birthday afterwards, Johanna kindly adjusted the massage. Also she was very kind to offer me half an hour Reiki session, thank you.

... Made me feel very relaxed and at ease, a great experience.

... Absolutely wonderful Johanna was a star a lovely relaxing and healing massage which made me feel so relaxed.  Her colleagues in the salon were extremely friendly and made me feel so welcome, highly recommeded and will be returning.

... I loved it and will definately return.

...I didn' think Reiki could work, but it did - with a back so painful I would cry when stepping down from a kerb as it felt as if a stick had struck my spine I woulld have tried anything and thankfully after 3 sessions the pain had completely gone and six months later it hasn't returned.  I love any reiki sessions I have with Jo and not only have they helped my physical wellbeing but spiritually too.  On one session I felt very calm and saw 2 beautiful orbs coming towards me - once they were close enough to touch i realised they were two of my beautiful children who have left this world to become angels.  My time with Jo has been very special and has given me the lift I needed to continue.

...Thanks Jo for helping to make my back better, after years of pain, and physio, u advised me to have Reiki... I've never felt better. 

...I visited Johann a few weeks ago and had reiki... I was very sceptical at 1st 2 b honest + a little scared, however her soft voice + obvious caring nature soon put me at ease + after she told me 2 take 3 deep breaths something happened that I can't explain!  It had been a real painfull time over the last few years, death of my mother + relationship problems + the heaviness around around my heart went away I was in tears but felt a weight had been lifted + closer 2 my mum than ever, I havent felt so grief stricken since+seem more able 2 cope with life problems, I wud recommend this 2 anyone, Johann has such a special gift + I feel privaleged 2 have expereienced it.  A xx

...The Reiki and meditation I have had with Johann have been enlightening and have made me view myself and life generally from a different aspect.

...There are times in life when we all need some extra care and attention. Having reiki with Johann clears my mind and rebalances my emotions allowing me to get on and make the most of life.  Try it you will be amazed I always am! Thanks Johann - love.

...Hello Johann, just to let you know that I am feeling good thanks to you and your healing.  All the things that were going around in my head are gone, it's amazing I can't believe it...  I feel calm, and the days have been easier for me - shocked. xxxxxx see you soon

...I have had Reiki, a facial, indian head massage and gellux nails on both hands and feet, my daughter has also had both gellux nails, reiki and eyebrow waxing from Johann!!! I have never had reiki before but the experience was amazing never felt anything like it before, Jo made me feel welcome explained what shw would do. When ever I go for any treatment or Jo comes to mine she puts you at complete ease, the warmth in her hands for reiki is also in her heart, will always send reiki thruough when you really need it n through to other family members. I would and I have recomended Jo to others and I hope they too feel the same as I do with whatever treatment given!! Very welcoming, passionate about her job, explains everything so you understand will answer any questions. I have to say I always feel on top of the world after any treatment, keep it up as I will be a long serving customer, love ya xxx

...Thank you so much for 2 day the full body massage has done wonders for all my muscles and my ankle feels great. It was so lovely to see you and doing so well both personally and with your business, you should be so proud of yourself. Take care and I promise not to leave it so long next time.

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