Call Johann 07971 682580 or Mail [email protected] I am a Reiki Healer, Medium, Holistic & Beauty Therapistt, I treat from my own room in my home, 46 Gloucester BS7 0SJ. More private and all about you!

2003 to 2011, Johann worked part time mobile and from dedicated space within her home.

2012, November, Johann practised at Purete, within the Clifton Arcade, Clifton Village Bristol

2013, September, Johann moved with Purete, to 8 Harbury Road, Bristol BS9 4PL

2014, November, Johann now practises and teaches from her therapy room, at 46 Gloucester Road North, Filton, Bristol BS9 4PL.


Johann -  My personal journey...  After working hard from leaving school and playing just as hard... My body broke - physically, mentally and spriritually.

My immune system was exceptionally low because I endured an Endocrine Gland disorder from 2004 until 2006, when we achieved the correct medication - levels. Unfortunately  in December 2006, I contracted a viral infection which penetrated through my brain, down my spine and through my organs. 

Leaving me with Chronic Fatigue (M.E), Post Viral fatigue - Skeletal fluid abnormalities, Chronic Back - Bone/nerve pain, Bronchitus - Asthma, Depression - Anxiey and IBS.  Folowing a series of CBT session, cognitative behaviour therapy and tests at the pain clinic in Frenchay. I was diagnosed with the above and told I would never work again and there is no cure, but the symptoms can be managed. 

I was on various medications - upto 30 tablets a day and patches. I embarked on the next step of my personal journey to overcome the physical disease - illnesses, firstly researching alternative and complementary therapy to heal myself. 

I began my Reiki 1 journey in 2007, after the fourth day I was able to stay awake in the day.  I started pacing, introducing walking, minor excercises, underwent surgical procedures and starting taking small steps. 2 months after I went back to work as a Marketing Manager and gradually after a long period of a phased return - I got there.

In 2010 June - my Reiki 2 'Distant healing' took on a new level of healing and spiritual connections. I changed my life 180 degrees!  I meditate daily and send or offer Reiki healing to my family in spirit, family, friends, animals and others who need support and caring daily.  I also began a 12 step programme which has helped me grow as a person, understand real humility and live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

I believe in miracles, I'm grateful to work and share with others... everything I've found that works.

Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift & Tomorrow is Mystery - Namaste

Top tip... watch 'The Secret' it will change your universe and remember 'Our thoughts create our reality.





My Reiki memories with my Nan and Auntie Bern who are no longer with us in person...  

'My Eternal Angel' I was honoured to share the gift of Reiki with Nan 'My eternal angel'. My Nan had a life limiting illness and we shared hours of healing together each week. I gave her crystals for her chakra's which she said helped her sleep and Nan asked for Reiki in the night whenever she needed it.  My nan said, she never had a belief, but the healing gave her sense of peace and calm.   

My Nan stayed in St Peter's hospice, quote '5* Hotel' - I held her hands and shared the Reiki with her whenever I was with her. I miss her everyday, but I know she is free of pain and with her loved one's in spirit - patiently watching and waiting.

'My Auntie Bern' I was grateful to share the gift of Reiki with our Bern, who also had a life limitiing illness.  We talked and Auntie Bern enjoyed the feel and the sense of colour and said she had a sense of knowing.  Auntie Bern was looked after by her family at home and the Macmillan nurses. I know without a shadow of a doubt, she is happy and is with nanny savery  + pamp x

The Reiki healing I share with others and I thank you again for your honest testimonals - they have touched me and I'm following a beautiful path of my journey. Namaste x 

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